Dragonflies are magical creatures that have been held with great respect by various cultures over many centuries. They bring strength, courage & happiness and represent the start of a beautiful new life, making them perfect for gifts for many of life's events.

The Dragonfly Garden encompasses a collection of all things dragonfly, focusing on a gold & silver jewellery varying from small silver studs to stunning pendants in gold with fine enamelwork .

The Pond is the name we gave to our unique little shop in Corbridge, Northumberland where my husband and I have combined our individual passions for Pond Yachts and Dragonflies. Both created to live their lives on water, pond yachts and dragonflies depend on the air and the water to bring them to life and they both represent a freedom of spirit.

Please feel free to take a wander through our website and if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you.